Urah E-Commerce Terms and Conditions

Urah Transdermal Pte Ltd

(hereinafter referred to as URAH)


URAH E-Commerce Terms and Conditions

Effective April 1, 2020, all URAH Products sold through E-commerce Partners shall adhere to the following Terms and Conditions. Submission of URAH E-Commerce Partner Registration Form hereafter shall be construed as acceptance of the following Terms and Conditions:


Exclusivity: The first E-Commerce Partner to list URAH Products on any e-commerce platform approved by URAH shall have automatic six (6) months exclusivity to the e-commerce platform.


Products: The term “Product” shall refer to ONLY those products listed at the dedicated URAH E-Commerce website at any given time. URAH may add or remove Product at its own discretion. URAH is obliged to deliver only the Products listed and purchased by E-Commerce Partner from the dedicated URAH E-Commerce website.


E-Commerce Partner Price:  The Product price indicated per listed product on URAH dedicated ECommerce website shall be the price to be paid to URAH by the E-Commerce Partner before order is shipped out to the end-user. URAH shall not control the retail price to be charged to end-user by E-Commerce Partner. The cost of Product listing on any e-commerce platform, Promotion and Advertisement of Product shall be solely born by the E-Commerce Partner.


Re-Selling Limitation: E-Commerce Partner shall not re-sell Urah Products to another E-Commerce Partner or to any off-line distributor or retailer. E-Commerce Partner can only sell Urah Products on the personal or 3rd party e-commerce retail platforms pre-approved by URAH.


Compliance with Local Rules and Regulations: E-Commerce Partner is responsible for ensuring compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations in the Territory and on the e-commerce platform where E-Commerce Partner operates.


Promotion & Advertising Materials/Contents: E-Commerce Partner may use information from URAH website for the purpose of Promotion & Advertisement of Urah Products only. All editions, amendments, rephrasing of contents of Urah website or new flyers, posters, coupons, mailers, inserts, newspapers, magazines, catalogues, electronic media, radio, public signage and television advertisement must be approved by URAH before release to the public. All copyright of information, images and designs relating Urah Products belong to URAH.


Product Delivery & Return Policy: URAH shall endeavour to deliver products to customer within fourteen (14) working days from date of invoice. Any loss, damage or defect to the product must be reported to URAH within thirty (30) days from the invoice date. Upon investigation and confirmation, URAH shall only provide product replacement or refund of invoiced amount. This warranty shall be void if the delivery address provided is not correct or if the Products have been misused, neglected, improperly handled, altered, abused or have had the serial number altered, defaced or removed or if the Products’ failure is due in whole or in part to other conditions beyond the control of URAH. URAH shall not be liable for any loss, claim, liability or damage resulting from any delays or use of the Product.


Termination: URAH or E-Commerce Partner may terminate E-Commerce at any time after giving two (2) months Termination notice. Upon termination, all e-commerce listing of Urah Products shall be removed/pull down and URAH will have no obligation to fulfil any future orders from the E Commerce Partner. If the ECommerce Partner would like to resume with URAH at a later time, they can submit a request to URAH for approval.


URAH may review and amend this “Terms and Conditions” at its sole discretion. Changes shall be communicated to E-Commerce Partner before the effective date of the new edition.

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